1001 Albums: Dusty in Memphis



Artist: Dusty Springfield

Album: Dusty in Memphis

Year: 1969

Length: 33:31

Genre: Pop/Soul/RnB/Blue-Eyed Soul

“Like a clock whose hands are sweeping
Past the minutes of its face
And the world is like an apple
Rolling silently in space
Like the circles that you find
In the windmills of your mind”

I haven’t really talked about much that is happening in my life recently. Or maybe I have in the last few posts, I’ve just taken so much time between them that I can barely remember what I even said on the last handful of posts. I can’t imagine how much I might be repeating myself to the point that someone who’s reading these in order might feel like I clearly have a weak grasp on reality. You gotta keep in mind, I don’t always write these one day after another (I used to at the beginning) so when I open a new post to write I just go with my current feelings which might be exactly what I said on one of the last few posts… who knows… who cares really?

Either way. For past few months I have been rehearsing a play and we finally opened last Thursday to a sold out crowd. It’s been a great experience all around for me, especially since it got me back into doing theatre. The last show I did was over two years ago and around that time I used to do at least one show a year. I was actively on stage in those days and became incredibly accustomed to the stage. But things happens and I didn’t end up doing a show for over two years until now. It’s been so refreshing getting back on the stage, playing a low status character (who thinks he’s high status) that also allows me to use my physical skills, jumping over couches, inch worming my way across the stage, banging into walls, falling into chairs and much more. It’s been a blast and I’m lucky to say the cast and crew has also been amazing. Usually every show you do there’s at least one bad apple or Diva of sorts. This one has none. Everyone is simply amazing and we’ve grown into one big family, looking out for each other and loving each other (at least i think so haha I can be annoying sometimes, hence why I’ve dubbed myself the younger brother of the family).

I only have three shows left and am already starting to sort of feel the post-show blues, even though it’s not done yet. But it just seems to be happening so fast. Rehearsals lasted a few months, you’re with this great group of people for this whole time and the show only lasts two weekends. Done in a flash, a snap of the fingers. Funny how great things always seem to happen so fast, which is a shame because the play has been very helpful in many ways for me. Gaining my confidence back, boosting my self-esteem, socially making me feel better, making me feel like I’m not alone anymore and have people in my life. It’s sad to have it go so quickly, but there’s always another one around the corner so I’ll enjoy this one while it lasts. I’m happy to say getting back on stage was like I never left. Like riding a bike. No performance anxiety except the usual pre-show nerves.

Speaking of performance anxiety, it’s a wonder this album ever got made after what i read about Dusty Springfield and her low confidence in her skills. She was extremely picky and choosy about what songs to use on the album and it got to the point she couldn’t even record in Memphis anymore and had to record her vocals in New York. How does anyone put up with performers like this? I guess if they’re time is being paid for they just shrug it off going “well, I’m getting paid so whatever”. But even then, why would anyone want to work with people notorious for being incredibly difficult to work with, no matter how talented. I mean, this isn’t even Dusty in her prime of what I understood, this was past her prime, heck this was an album being created in hopes of reigniting her career and bringing her back on the map. She really isn’t doing herself any favours by being impossible to work with now is she?

SO to be fair, I can see she must have been under a lot of pressure here. Trying to get back into the public’s mind and get your career reignited is never easy and this was a big task she had on her shoulders. Coupled with the attitude that whatever songs she sings will be stuck with her forever, definitely didn’t help in creating a space for her that would be anxiety free. I can imagine anyone breaking under the pressure easily put into a situation like that. Your career is on the line, that’s a lot to lose and especially for someone relatively beloved to some degree like Dusty who just wants to be noticed again.

Did she succeed in the end?

I honestly don’t know… can’t say I really care either. As a whole I was kind of bored with this album and can’t really say it did anything for me. She’s a talented singer no doubt, but eh… forgettable album as a whole in my books. NEXT!

Favourite Tune: The Windmills of Your Mind




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