1001 Albums: My Generation



Artist: The Who

Album: My Generation

Year: 1966

Length: 36:13

Genre: Rock

“Well, people try to put us down.
Talkin’ bout my generation.
Just because we get around.
Talkin’ bout my generation.
The things they do look awful cold.
Talkin’ bout my generation.
I hope I die before I get old.
Talkin’ bout my generation.”


Today is the day. The wonderful day where we celebrate the women in our lives who raised us and took care of us and shaped us into the whiny, ungrateful and unappreciative people we all are. Today we give thanks to those women who never get enough praise for putting up with all our crap and who never get the attention they deserve after having carried us around for nine months and then shooting our big, fat heads out of their vaginas. Take a moment to call your mom and tell her you love her. Do it quickly, we only have one day of the year to do it because why would any of us do it any of the other 364 days (265 on a leap year) in the year? Crazy talk.

Despite now living six hours away, i was still able to surprise my mom with a special delivery to the house. It was a weird Mother’s day since this was the first Mother’s day that I wasn’t home. Was weird for both of us, so I did the best I could and managed to make her feel special better than any other year. It took me moving away to finally do it it seems. Love you Mom, have a great day. Don’t let dad pester you too much.

On that note, what a perfect day to talk about what I like to call “The Sons of the British Invasion”. If the British Invasion was a mother than the bands within it were her children. It’s an odd comparison to make, but believe me it makes sense in my head and that’s all that matters, right? RIGHT?!

A few posts back I talked about how The Beatles and Rolling Stones were kind of like brothers under the umbrella of the British Invasion. If The Beatles were the cute, younger sibling and The Rolling Stones were the sexy, older brother than that would put The Who as the rebellious, teenage, middle child. If you really think about it, it’s exactly what they would have been. Not as popular as the other two, they had to be loud and crazy in order to get noticed by their ever-loving mother. While The Beatles were going on dates and The Stones were getting laid, The Who were out in the streets causing vandalism and trouble and being brought home by the cops to get a scolding from their mother. They truly were the unruly middle child.

I realise the way I described them sort of sounds like I’m saying they weren’t popular. That’s absolutely false. They were big, people loved The Who and they did receive the praise and attention they deserved. But in comparisons to the other bands coming out during The British Invasion it’s easy to see they may have gotten a little overshadowed in terms of being noticed. But that didn’t stop them. They rocked and they rocked hard. At this point in time nobody rocked as hard as The Who rocked. They were a band you had to see live because they put on such a spectacle. Every night they’d end by destroying their equipment. Keith Moon would pound away at his drum until it was beat dead and Pete Townshend would smash his guitar into the amps. There’s a famous live performance of My Generation on the Ed Sullivan show which ends with Keith Moon’s drums exploding into Pete’s ears, causing him some permanent hearing damage. If this isn’t the essence of what it is to be a crazy rocker, I don’t know what is. Keith Moon was so notorious for his hotel shenanigans he actually got banned from so many of them that I’m surprised it’s not in the Guinness Book of World Records (or maybe it is, I’m too lazy to check). This is a guy who made a taxi turn around and return to the Hotel because he forgot to throw a piece of furniture out of the window. This is a guy who puts a whole new definition on destroying a toilet. Keith Moon is one bad ass fucking drummer and will forever live in the hearts and souls of every punk out there.

That’s really he thing, at this point in their careers, The Who were an amazing live band and I feel the album itself doesn’t give them enough justice in how hard they actually rock. It almost feels sterilized or tamed down compared to some of the footage of them performing live. There are definitely some shining moments where Keith Moon bangs away at his drum with some hard drum fills and Pete clangs away at his guitar almost as if he’s trying to break the strings as he plays, but it sort of pales in comparison to how they were up on the stage. The band claims they felt rushed when creating this album and I guess I can sort of see it. That being said, rushed or not, they still managed to make one hell of a solid rock album that would go on to be heavily influential for garage, punk and hard rock bands of music’s future.

It doesn’t stop there. Amidst the music with sexual themes and fuck you’s to older generations, they have one song that’s more pop-oriented that shows off their musical abilities. The Kids Are Alright stands out as being almost apart from this album, yet still manages to blend itself nicely within. We see The Who taming themselves for one song and just playing the music in a calm and dignified way. It was their way of showing that they weren’t just a bunch of hoodlums but they had some class to when they wanted it.

The Who really set the standard for what it meant to rock out that many bands would not only try to catch up to their ways of performing but even try to emulate them. Pete Townshend’s unique guitar playing style will forever be emulated by every young musician who’s trying to show off how rock n’ roll they are. Even the idea of destroying their equipment had never been seen before (it was also highly advised against because of the cost of replacing all that equipment). The Who showed that they just didn’t give a shit about what you thought and did whatever the fuck they wanted and the result was nothing short of spectacular.


Song of Choice: A Legal Matter



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