1001 Albums: I’ve Got a Tiger by the Tail



Artist: Buck Owens

Album: I’ve Got a Tiger by the Tail

Year: 1965

Length: 31:59

Genre: Country



“Trouble and me we’re old buddies you see
I’ve stuck by him and he’s a stickin’ by me
Well goodbye honey be thankful you’re free
And that you’re not stuck with ol’ trouble and me”


Strap on your cowboy boots it’s time for some goooood ooooole Buck Owens. So get your ten gallon hat ready and saddle up them horsies, it’s time to show the floor what you’ve got.

So grab a partner and swing them ’round and dosey-do, it’s time for a good old-fashioned hoe down.

Here we go!


(Fiddles start fiddling, guitar starts twanging, everyone goes insane)

It’s mighty fine
It’s Buck Owens time
A country album from 1964 (It’s FIVE!)
Couldn’t believe my eyes
To my surprise
Was ready to throw my iPod out the door

(Fiddles fiddle away faster)


Country and me
Are quite the enemy
Always react negatively
To the squawking and crooning
of these hillbillies

It’s always formulaic
Making me go barbaric
Anger filling up my very mind
The guitar work repeats
And the lyrics aren’t real deep
It’s cheesy and corny and is a waste of my time

I cringed in fear
Anticipated, my dear
For another thirty minutes of ear bleeding noise
Put on my phones
Let out some groans
Then pressed play, prepared to brace myself, boys

(Music slows down with a more sustained feel to it)

Now, let’s slow it down a little boys.

Let me tell you a story of little Bucky here
The rootinest tootinest country music buccaneer
He came without fail
Caught that tiger by the tail (Whip Noise)
Had me feeling different than I had before

The country was the same
But the music wasn’t lame
Had my toes tapping right on the damned floor
His southern drawl was really smooth
His charisma shined almost right through
And even got me sold when his voice went deep
This hoe downing album won’t let me sleep

I couldn’t quite explain what was going on
The formula was there and lyrics didn’t go far
But I guess I’m a sucker for some good ole steel guitar

I didn’t want it to stop
So it kept on playing on

I guess it didn’t do me no harm
I kind of fell for Bucky’s charm
And When the album was finally done
I came to realize country music could be fun


(Line dancers go crazy, shoot some guns at the ceiling. Band breaks instruments from intense playing, a riot ensues)

That was a goooood hoe down, boys.

Song of Choice: I’ve Got a Tiger by the Tail




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