1001 Albums: A Hard Day’s Night




Artist: The Beatles

Album: A Hard Day’s Night

Year: 1964

Length: 30:13

Genre: Pop Rock



“If you’re feeling sorry and sad, I’d really sympathize.
Don’t you be sad, just call me tonight.”

Ah The Beatles, we meet again for the second but not the last time. I knew our second meeting might be an awkward one after the things I said about you last time. It was tough, you know? It wasn’t easy saying those words, I really wish I could have been a little nicer because I know how many people adore and love you. I’m sorry you couldn’t connect with me the way you did your millions of fans, but I promise I won’t say anything controversial or mean-spirited this time around, I’ll try to make peace with you guys.

What do you say?

Well, seeing how half of you are dead and the other two are god knows where at this moment and I’m basically talking to a computer screen (yes, I speak my words out loud when I type, got a problem?) I can’t really get an answer. So, to show you I’m trying this time, I want to share a song I wrote inspired by your albums… well, the early years.

It’s called Everything’s Just Right. I hope you like it.

Here goes:

When times get lonely
I just remember
All the times I’ve spent with you

Holding hands
As we walked
Felt that feeling that I feeeeeel

I’m not too hot or too cold
I’m not too timid or too bold
Nothing’s old or brand new
Because everything’s just right when I’m with you

You told me once
That you loved me
And I told you twice
That you’re my lovely

Holding hands
By the beach
Knowing these feelings that I feeeel

It wasn’t too light or too dark
It wasn’t too fuzzy or too stark
Nothing’s old or brand new
Because everything’s just right  when I’m with you

Yeah yeah yeah x7

Oh oh oh x4

When we were together
You told me
You’d always be by my siiiide

I believed you dear
And now I look back
At those feelings you had me feeeeeeel

I was never too dumb or too smart
It was never bad when I cracked a fart
Nothing’s old or brand new
Because everything’s just right when I’m with you

Yeah, because everything’s just right when I’m with you

I said everything was just right when I was with you


Well? What do you think Beatles members who will never read this? I mean, it’s definitely a work in progress and no where near your masterful musicianship, but I think I’ve got something pretty solid in the making here. Given the right instruments, backing band, practices, sound and time period for me to release this and I’m sure it could be a hit like you guys, right? If I travel back in time to 1964, I could probably tap into the same youthful love that all the younguns were connecting with in your music. That’s what this whole album was, I get it now. You guys didn’t hide behind pretense or poetry, you guys were just a fun band making head bopping music that sang about love and feelings that every young adult could relate to. I get it now, I really do and I see what you’ve done. I can’t believe I was so blind all this time, when it was so obvious. I mean, you’re The Beatles for christ’s sake! There’s absolutely no way in hell I could call myself a fan of music and not be fans of you! I was so stupid for thinking otherwise and having mediocre feelings towards you guys, I really was.

So what do you say? I’ve finally done it. I moved to your side of the pond and said things I thought I’d never say. I’m finally going to say: “I am a fan”. There, you happy? Now no one can jump at me or attack me any more for not being crazy about you guys. You’ve won.

So, how about that song?

Oh… I see. I get it. Right, right. I hear your criticism. But to be frank, around 1964 you weren’t really making anything that far off. I mean sure, this was a nice step forward for you guys from With The Beatles. You are really starting to make big steps towards your future. I always admired that about you. You were constantly trying to grow as a band, challenge yourself, take risks and keep getting tighter and stronger and better. And it really shows as you progress through your discography. But… let’s be honest, you’re not quite there yet. Lyrically, you’re still a little lame. You’re doing more things with your lyrics than in the last one and we can see a nice glimpse of where you guys are heading as song writers… you’re just not quite there yet in 1964. Even musically, you’re not really doing anything that complex or… interesting. I mean, I’ll give you credit where it’s due, you’ve definitely fallen into your instruments now and have really made your music you’re own. This is your first album with only original material, that’s a huge milestone. And that opening chord of A Hard Day’s Night? Brilliant, you know to this day people are still trying to figure out how to play it? I heard somewhere you did it by banging a hammer on the piano chords or something, is that true? Well, if it is, we definitely see you guys starting to experiment with your sound like you would do in our later albums. But for the most part, you’re still just catchy pop music and… it’s ok.

What? Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to drop some criticism on you. I know I said I wouldn’t… but I couldn’t help myself. I mean, you turned down my song… I felt a little angry… maybe even a little envious. I mean, you’re big and famous for singing love songs. How did you do it? It’s amazing. You really connected with a large audience in a way that I could never comprehend. Because I still don’t get it.

Oh… uh… haha… yeah, I guess the cat’s out of the bag… I still don’t get it. I mean, historically and within context of the 60s, I get it. You were new and fresh. The British Invasion was coming and you were right there in the front leading the way. People hadn’t seen bands the way you were a band. The whole get-up, Guitarist, bassist, singer, drummer. Man, what was that??? Everyone was in complete awe at what you were doing and what you created. But this was 1963, we’re 2017. I hate to break it to you, but this album sounds dated. It really is a product of it’s time because if you released something like this today it would be hated. Harsh words I know, but I really can’t understand why you’re early stuff is still held with such high regard. It’s honestly nothing that great and I know, I know, I’m in the huge minority here when I say this. People love you guys, they really do. They listen to all your music and buy all your records and can’t stop talking about you and how you’re the greatest band of all time.

I feel like I’m missing something, standing in the crowd confused as everyone happily runs by me singing your songs. You know what it’s like being the outsider in this situation? People judging you and putting you down. It’s not easy having the point of view from someone who isn’t part of the popular opinion and it’s even harder to defend my position. Honestly, I wish I liked you guys, I really do, at least it would make me blend in the crowd. And… don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate you, I actually do enjoy your music and think you’re all very talented (even you Ringo). I just… I just can’t get into you guys. I just can’t be a fan. I know it’s crazy, I know. But I can’t force myself to be a fan of something that I’m not crazy about. Who knows, maybe one day it’ll finally click. Maybe relistening to your discography will make me realise the challenges and steps you took to really become who you were and the journey will be enough for me to say “I’m a fan”. Maybe my eyes will open and my mind will expand and I’ll finally see what everyone else does. Maybe I will finally understand exactly why everyone to this day is still talkign about you and I will be there with them, saying all the same things they say. I really hope because I really do want to. Maybe it will all happen. Maybe…

But probably not.

Song of Choice: Hard Day’s Night



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