1001 Albums: Elvis is Back!


772063 ELVIS IS BACK_FOLDOPEN no trazado.indd

Artist: Elvis Presley

Albums: Elvis is Back!

Year: 1960

Length: 31:54

Genre: Rock/Rhythm and Blues



“The promise in your eyes
Will see me through
There’ll be brighter skies
When I come back to you”

Elvis is back! no joke, last time we saw him was in 1956 on this list and now he is back and I believe he’s better than ever. First, I’m happy to say I finally got to get some good old fashioned rock n roll after a long hiatus of it since we got to experience Buddy Holly and his Chirping Crickets, I hope I will get to experience more of this soon, but alas, there are tons and tons and tons of genres and styles that I will have to accept my fate and take what’s given to me. So, I’ll enjoy this one while it lasts.

This is Elvis at his most mature. Last time we saw him, he was a hip-swinging lover boy, who was flirting with all the girls and making them swoon and cream their panties from his boyish charisma and cool guy charm. He was out to have fun and get a little lucky. Now, he’s just come straight out of his time in the army (no joke he was drafted into the army for a period of time), wait… let’s stop here for a second.

Elvis was in the army. Not before his fame, but right at the peak of his fame. This guy was big at that time, selling records, making movies, having girls cream their panties and while he was on top, then he went into the army. that must have been either the worst experience ever or the best, and both because of how famous he was. How do you go from being one of the biggest music stars in the US to being in close proximity of a bunch of people who will more than easily recognize who you are. He was probably harassed non-stop by both people who admired him and were star-struck and people who, for whatever reason, detested him (I guess for making their girlfriends cream their panties). I can’t imagine what it would have been like. Can you picture Elvis trying to take a shower or something and he’s being serenaded by the other dudes with one of his own songs? I don’t know… Elvis seems like a good sport, probably would have laughed it off and then make all their girlfriends cream their panties with his massive rod (I’m sure).

There is something I do know, it seems that during his draft in the army, Elvis was constantly thinking about the music. What his next album was going to be. It seems he couldn’t wait to get back into the studio and record some more music, especially since he was told that entering the army was basically the end of his career, that’s enough motivation to prove someone wrong right there. So he kept planning and planning. Trying new things with his voice while he was there, figuring out ways that he could improve his songs and mature his music in general.

Well, that all paid off because all his hard work really shows in this album. Lyrically, he doesn’t offer anything new with the usual love and party songs, but musically he has given us, the listener, way more than we anticipated. He went from teenage party dude to classy singer, while still keeping his charisma and charm from his more youthful days (Though to be honest he’s still pretty damn youthful here and hasn’t transitioned to being the weird, creepy dude from Dazed and Confused (Matthew McConaughey) just yet… did he ever though?). It’s really interesting to see how Elvis has grown as a musician and it’s nice to see how seriously he took his music to continuously try to get to the next level. He always maintained his own style and groove, but his own voice has improved on itself and grown. It’s more of the same, but constantly maturing, which I find is rare for bands to do. Most often, they either experiment with new sounds or go in different directions to show they’re not just doing the same thing. Not Elvis, he just expanded on his own thing, creating a base and constantly building up to be the best Elvis he could be.

There is one thing though that hasn’t changed since the beginning: Making girls cream their panties.

Sexy devil.

Song of Choice: I Will Be Home Again


Photoshop Credit: Julian Branco


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