1001 Albums: Goodbye 50s, Hello 60s

So it was a fun bunch of weeks but now it is time for me to say goodbye to the 50s and hello to the 60s.

I have to say the fifties was everything I expected it to be and at the same time I was still pleasantly surprised. I have to say, I didn’t expect the amount of jazz that there was and thought there’d be way more rock n roll than was presented, but overall it was damn good selection of music that rarely ever failed.

I think they had nice variety going on, from fast-paced to slow-paced, that would please any music listener (unless you’re only into new shit than I’m sorry this music is just too good for you).

The fifties was a quick venture, with only 23 albums present in it’s time era, which I feel is relatively normal, the idea of an album as a cohesive product was very new, at the time most albums were just a collection of singles and there wasn’t much thought that went into the album as a whole, which listening to some of them, the concept of a collection of singles still seems to apply and for the most part a lot of the vocal jazz was covers of already written music rather than original work. So, it makes sense that the 50s wouldn’t have that much to offer in terms of albums you must hear before you die.

It is, However, a huge contrast to the 60s, going from 23 albums to 151 albums, which is a big jump and will probably take me at least two months to get through, which is a feat that will probably take way more patience and persistence than I am expecting.

As I enter the sixties, though, I’m glad I decided to take on this challenge. So far I have been introduced to many artists I either never heard of or knew about but never took the time to listen to and thanks to the challenge I discovered new music that I really enjoy. I also got to experience way more jazz than I expected, but that’s never a bad thing (possibly).

My expectations of the sixties: Hopefulyl way more diversity than the fifties had to offer, the sixties did have some interesting genres such as British invasion and psychedelic rock that took over the scene, which I’m excited to get to. A lot of the classics: Beatles, Rolling Stones and… sigh.. Led Zeppelin will be making an appearance for sure and at least two Zappa records, which is exciting. For the most part I think I will really enjoy it, but we will just have to wait and see until that happens.

Oh! and since it’s the end of the decade I will be doing something fun, an editorial. I didn’t say this before, but my goal is to end each decade with an editorial (about music obviously) which might be about the 1001 album list or about a specific genre, but will always be about music. The exciting part is that I have guest writers for each one, so more people sharing their music opinions. I’ll give a sneak peek for the first one:

Artists that should be on the 1001 list but aren’t.

Me and my guest writers write about some of our favourite artist or those we see in high respect that didn’t make it onto the list (even though five Led Zeppelin albums made it on… why?) and we will write small blurbs about each one, with an album of choice that should represent the artist on the list.

Look out for that one in the next few days!



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