1001 Albums: Dance Mania




Artist: Tito Puente

Album: Dance Mania

Year: 1958

Length: 37:50

Genre: Cuban Music



“Que yo no quiero más complicación
La vida me traicionó”

I was really looking forward to this one. I really was. As each album was passing by, I kept thinking I am one step closer to this one. I know this gives the impression that I’ve already heard this album before and it seems to be one of my favourites, but no, that isn’t it at all. The album is called Dance Mania and if you’ve learned anything from these posts is that I love to dance. Add on top of that that the cover itself looks like a lady having a blast of a time and I was hooked before I even knew what would play. Man, this would be it, my new favourite album so soon after Kenya, I would love it I know and it would be high energy and one big party from start to finish.

There is a lesson to be learned. NEVER put any expectations on anything before you’ve experienced it, especially if they’re high, because you can only be disappointed.

I was disappointed once the album started and I was kicking myself for it. Why did I do that, I even knew if I set myself up with such high expectations I would just be disappointed. Never again (although we all know it will happen again, we’re only human, I am at least, I don’t know about you).

Now, I know I’m making it sound like this album is bad, I get that. I was disappointed, that’s true, but my disappointment purely comes from a place of way too high expectations and not because it was actually awful, because the opposite is true, I think this album was fucking awesome.

Let me explain the weird contradiction up there: This album was not what I was expecting yet exactly what I was expecting at the same time. I know that makes no sense but bear with me here. I went in expecting a fun album, it delivered, I went in expecting some cuban type music that you can dance too, it delivered and delivered exactly how I imagined it would be, what it didn’t deliver on was the energy. I was expecting myself to dance my fucking ass off (ITS FUCKING DANCE MANIA) but instead found myself tapping my foot and dancing a mambo to myself, which is all great, just way toned down than I was hoping for.

But let’s focus on that shall we? My goofy dancing to Latin music, I honestly shouldn’t be but fuck it, it’s way too fun not too. If you want a good picture of what I looked like, imagine this: ever play the Sims? (Specifically Sims 2, since that’s the one I played). I’m sure you have, we all wasted time watching our little virtual selves live lives instead of living life ourselves (…yeah). Well, you know when the little virtual Sims would turn on the radio and some latin music would start playing and they would start really stupidly shaking their hips and goofily snapping their fingers to it all excited? yes? well, that was me. And really, that will always be me. Things I’ve learned about myself is that I’m not smooth, but I do have a goofy charm working for me and apparently, I’m a white guy with rhythm. Combined I form a goofy white dude who knows how to make his goofy dancing look good. It might sound like a nightmare but believe me it’s a gift and I will never stop pulling out my moves.

So yes, I loved it, I danced to it and sure it wasn’t as high energy as I had hoped but doesn’t change the fact that it was just a ton of fun (and yes Dance Mania does fit very well as a title… mumble mumble grumble grumble).

I’ve been dancing quite a bit… I know this will end one day… but I don’t want it to, not now, not while I’m having the time of my life dancing. What if the next album is not a danceable one? What will I do? I mean it’s very possible it is but… there’s that chance it will be… dare I say it… slow… that’s fine, slow is fine… but NOT WHILE I’M DANCING!

It’s a chance I’ll have to take (technically I have no choice otherwise it defeats the whole purpose of this blog).

Crossing my fingers though.

Song of Choice: Varsity Drag


Photoshop Credit: Julian Branco

P.s. Just to be clear, yes that is my full body on the album art and not just my head pasted on top, a lot of people keep asking how my head was put on top so well… well because it’s actually attached to my body. So there, no more confusion.


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