1001 Albums: The “Chirping” Crickets



Artist: The Crickets

Album: The “Chirping” Crickets

Year: 1957

Length: 28:27

“You say you’re gonna leave, you know it’s a lie
‘Cause that’ll be the day when I die”

I find music very therapeutic. Listening to it has a very calming effect on me, especially when I’m not in a good mood. Doesn’t really matter the music, could be energetic or slow, just the act of listening to it is usually good enough to make things better. That’s my thing. When I’m down I put music on and it calms me when I’m tense and lifts me up when I’m sad. So, Music is a pretty big thing for me as a listener, I may not play it (although I taught myself how to play my Keyboard), I might not have studied it or be an expert on it, but I am definitely an avid listener because music is really important to me.

Today was one of those days. Started it feeling kind of empty and down, which isn’t a great thing at all if you’ve felt that way. Listening to the album helped bring up my mood a bit… a bit. It was a plus that the style was different than the last few ones. For the 50s I expected there to be a little more rock n roll, but having it come between a bunch of jazz styled albums makes the rock n roll feel more refreshing and it was exactly the change I needed to start my day (even if it was only at around 12). It helped that the opening song was a really fun one to get me in the mood for the album.

The rest of the album, even if it had some more upbeat songs, felt like a sedated rock n roll, but not in a bad way. It was calmer and more relaxed than the rock n roll we’re used to nowadays and clearly shows a blueprint of what is to come, but for now is still in the beginning stages and it shows. It’s nothing too complex but still manages to be a fun album to listen to.

As I was listening to it I kept picturing the school dance from Back to the Future and I kept anticipating the band to break out into Earth Angel, but they never did, which is OK because then it kind of would have taken away from what it was.

I was excited too because this was my first time actually listening to Buddy Holly. Knew the name but never heard the music. The man in the glasses sure had some charisma with his music and even though it’s nothing too crazy, it still managed to make me feel good by the end of it, which that was my main goal today.

I will say this, the back-up vocals kind of creeped me out. It’s not because they’re actually creepy, but that style of vocals (which if you listen to it you’ll know what I’m talking about, it has that distinct style to it) just always creeped me out for some reason. Every experience with that style of vocals I’ve had when I was a kid was always accompanied with weird images (from videos duh) and just uneasiness. Thankfully it wasn’t heard often throughout and was rather toned down, but every time it came on I got that strange feeling inside me.

That didn’t take away from the experience though. I’m always listening to music in one way or another. Whether it’s something new or my favourite song for the umpteenth time, it’s always there in my life. It’s funny, I never really knew how much I loved music until recently this year and I really made it a point to continuously discover things to keep it going. That’s part of why I’m doing this and I’m only 8 albums in and already know I’m doing the right thing for me. Someone told me that it’s quite a big challenge I’m doing and they wouldn’t have the patience for it and they admire that I’m doing it. I laughed. But then I thought about it, for me, it has nothing to do with patience. This doesn’t require any patience from me, I just really love listening to music and it comes easy for me. I think I’d be pretty sad if I lost the ability to do that. Let’s hope that never happens.


Photoshop Credit: Julian Branco


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