1001 Albums: Songs for Swingin’ Lovers



Artist: Frank Sinatra

Album: Songs for Swingin’ Lovers

Year: 1956

Length: 43: 59

“You’ve got me in your clutches and I can’t get free
You’re getting to be a habit with me”

This one took a little longer to get written than it should have, I should have technically had this done by the new year but a lot happened from when I started listening to this on Friday and finished listening to it last night. Understandably it was New Year’s eve weekend and my parents and I were hosting a huge New Year’s Bash at our house, which required a lot of work to do meaning no time to actually sit down and listen to the album. These are also excuses, but whatever I finally got it done and am sitting here writing about it.

I’m glad to see Sinatra got over his heartbreak and is over the moon with a new girl… or is it girls… it’s hard to tell if he’s singing about one new girl or many. Is that you’re way of getting over it? going on a sexcapade of 22 girls? possibly, either way he’s finally happy and it’s a big difference from his other album where he was just sad the whooole time. Here he starts you off with how he feels so young and goes on to many songs about feeling good and all that, heck he even has a song called Makin’ Whoopie (for those under the age of seven, that’s another term for having sex, just so you know).

It’s funny, when I saw the title before listening to it, I got excited. Another swing album? After the Louis Prima one, I couldn’t wait for another swingin’ album to come on… and it wasn’t what I expected. Sure it was upbeat and all, but not fast-paced like I was hoping it to be. Doesn’t mean it was bad at all, just I had placed expectations on it that weren’t met (which honestly I shouldn’t have done, that’s my bad, whoops). As it went on I started to think about the title more and more. Maybe when he said songs for swinging lovers, he didn’t mean swing dance… he meant lovers who are swingers. swingin lovers as in lovers who are swingers and not who dance swing (that sentence is atrocious but fuck it). I mean sure, the music is some nice slow swing for couples to dance sensually to, but the lyrics and the topics of each song give a whole new meaning to the title.

This is honestly an incredibly sexy album. If made today it would probably be more explicit, but remember this is the 50s, that would have never flied in those days, It’s probably the classiest and most g-rated album about sex and flings I have ever heard, so kudos to Sinatra for accomplishing that. Once again, being such an amazing singer, he sings through these sexy, sexy songs as if it’s not big thing and never once reveals in his voice the sexy nature of any of them. But I caught on (and I am sure lots did) to the truth, dude. I see what you did… I think it’s beautiful. Sinatra’s album had a much more clever play on words in the title than I had ever anticipated it to have (mainly because I didn’t think it would be at all, pretty easy to rise up form zero, especially if you’re Sinatra).

It may not be fast-paced, but then again sensuality shouldn’t be, you should take your time with it, that’s how you build up the tension so that the release is so much better in the end.

That was dirty…


Photoshop Credit: Julian Branco


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