1001 Albums: This is Fats



Artist: Fats Domino

Album: This is Fats

Year: 1956/57 ??

Length: 27:11??

“Ain’t that a shame
Ain’t that a shame
Ain’t that a shame
She lost a helping hand”

I will be honest right away, listening to the album was one horrible experience, not because the music itself is bad but because of the circumstances of how I was listening to it.

Let me break it down for you:

I’m only five albums in and I’m already faced with a difficult problem: this album was NOT on Spotify. No idea why, it just wasn’t. This was one of the big set backs I had when preparing my playlists. I couldn’t find the album, so I skipped it and figured I’d be able to find it on Youtube when the time came to listen to it. Nope, this album wasn’t on Youtube either. I searched and I searched and it seemed this album was almost impossible to find. Once again, no idea why. I had to take the alternative route: create a playlist on youtube of the individual songs because at the end of the day I WILL listen to the album no matter what, that’s the point of this blog.

Then came the next thing:

I was waiting in the metro to go to work and it got delayed by an hour and a half, making me late an hour late for work. That wasn’t ideal, but at least I figured it gave me the time to listen to this album.

Think it went smoothly? Of course not. Found out that most of the songs I put in the playlist don’t play on mobile devices… Jesus it’s like everything was against me listening to this album. The Universe just did not want me to listen to it. But I refused to let it win. I had to search every song individually again, finding versions that play on mobile devices.

I did.

Now, I sit to write this and I have a final problem sitting on my mind… did I even listen to the right album? there’s a reason there’s question marks on the year and length. No matter where I search, it seems like there’s no info on this damn album. I’ve seen some places say it came out in 1956 and others say 1957… well, which is it? Even when they say the same year (1957 was most popular), they couldn’t even agree on the month. Then comes the problem that I saw two different playlists for this album with two very different sets of songs… which is it? I went with this one that had this cover because everywhere I see lists showing the album covers of 1001 albums they all show this one with the set of songs I listened to attached to it, so I went with that one… is it right, though????

Whether it is or not, I’ve decided that this album will be one I will revisit in the future, mainly because A) It might not be right and B) I didn’t really experience listening to it as a full album. Because of the constant searching, each song had huge pauses in between them or sometimes I had to sit through a stupid ad to get to it that it just wasn’t a great album listening experience all around, sadly. I don’t even know if I was listening to the proper recordings of the songs…

This all sounds really negative and I don’t want that to reflect on the album itself, so here’s some silver linings:

The album itself was fun. I actually enjoyed the songs despite the listening conditions I was in. Thankfully the first batch of songs were upbeat and happy, so it kept me going and calmed me down.

Plus a huge bonus was looking at Fats Domino’s face on all the youtube clips. How could you not be happy when you have this jolly, fat man staring at you:


If that doesn’t put a smile to your face then… you’re your own person and I respect that (but come on!). He just looks like the most welcoming person ever, reassuring you that there’s only reasons to smile on this earth despite it all.

As much as he’s a great singer and player, he just seems like a genuinely cool guy. Heck his name is Fats! he didn’t give a shit about being fat, he owned it and showed it off to everyone! He was the Fat man that we could all look up to. That’s a great idol for self-confidence if I’ve ever seen one and everyone should take a lesson from that.

I really hope that I will get a chance to revisit this album in the future and give it a proper listening, but I will have to wait until I actually find the proper album. But until then, the listening must go on!


Photoshop Credit: Julian Branco


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