1001 Albums: The Wildest!



Artist: Louis Prima

Album: The Wildest!

Year: 1956

Length: 32:00

“Yip Yip Yip Yip
No one plays high notes like The Lip”

So this one got a little delayed for various reasons. I was hoping to have it released by yesterday but due to Christmas weekend occurring and the added icing on the cake that my laptop, that basically had everything on it, went kaput, it delayed my writing of this post. I was having none of that, so here I am sitting at my bed, watching Team America with Sandra, on a borrowed laptop from my mom, ready to talk about Louis Prima’s The Wildest!

I know I’m only four albums in, but this is currently my favorite album from the list so far (Which is probably a line I will be saying a whole lot, but whatever I can do what I want). It may not stay as my favorite as the list goes on, but I can guarantee that this is one that I will be listening to again in the future, multiple times, probably in the same day, even hour. I liked it so much I listened to it a second time (oops… I know, but I was wrapping gifts and hadn’t completed it yet, so I figured I’d relisten from the beginning to get the full experience).

I have to ask though, Louis Prima, what really makes you the wildest? The wildest what exactly? Wildest singer? Wildest songs? Wildest dancer? (could be, but how could I know, I can’t hear dancing… can anyone really?… well?). I won’t wait for him to answer because I have an answer, you definitely have an album of some of the wildest big band swing I’ve ever listened to (which honestly isn’t hard to beat because I haven’t listened to that much). I think someone heard my prayers from my last post about switching from the depressing, sad songs to something about just dancing and having fun, and boy does this album deliver on that front. This album makes me wish I knew how to swing dance because believe me I would swing dance to this album all day (maybe not all day, that’s ridiculous). I know Sandra wants to take swing lessons and wants to drag me to them. After listening to this album, I’ll be running to them ahead of her as she laughs in disbelief (she does that a lot with me).

The swing in this album is just so infectious that you can’t help but dance. Louis Prima sings with his raspy voice (that sounds perfect for this sort of album) and scats his way through the album with such precision that it just leaves you impressed, especially when he sings about 30 words in the span of 3 syllables. Really, you ever have those moments where your changing the words to a song and realise you wanted to add too many words, so you do that awkward Ihavetoomanywordsforwhat’sneededinthistimespan thing that just sounds really awkward but makes you laugh anyway because you know you sound like an idiot (you know it, don’t lie). This guy doesn’t have that. If he does, he makes it sound good, blurting out the too many words in such an effortless way you feel even worse for not being able to do it (which come on, no one seriously can). Even when he seems to run out of steam and tries to sputter out words with his loss of breath… he still makes it sound good, the mother fucker (I’m sure he’s fucked mothers).

What I especially like about this album is that the singer isn’t the only star, the instruments have equal focus on every song. The singer never takes the spotlight completely and knows when to take a step back and let the instruments shine and you can hear it in the songs. Every time a solo for either the horns (I love me some good horns) or the piano kicks in, the voice of the singer lowers in volume and lets the instrument become the star of that moment. You rarely see that in albums, especially with egotistical frontmen, but when you do, it’s simply great and that comes across so well in this one. There are even given two great instrumental songs just to show what they can do and they do it very well.

I haven’t suggested any albums as a whole just yet, so I will take this moment to do that now. LISTEN TO THIS ALBUM! Especially if you’re a fan of swing big band, you will most probably love it (I don’t know, I don’t know you, I can only assume, but I believe it’s a good assumption).

I’m going to end this here, Gary Johnson just puked for about ten minutes and it made me hungry.


Photoshop Credit: Julian Branco


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