1001 Albums: Guidelines

So, before I get started on my listening journey that may or may not end with me confusing bands and albums as it might become one giant blur, I felt it was important to set down the guidelines of how I will go about doing this.

why? well, believe it or not, I’ve had many people asking me many questions about this whole challenge and for the most part, it seems to always be the same. so, to prevent hearing the same questions over and over, I will take the time (or space?) here to answer all of them at once:

  1. I will listen to every single album on the list. No skipping of songs or albums (no matter how much I might hate the band). This also includes albums I have already heard before, I will listen to them again.
  2. I will be going through the list as it is presented, chronologically, starting from the first albums in the 50s (1) to the last album in the 2000s (1001). I will not be starting in a specific era or genre, I will listen to it exactly as it is presented, one by one. I feel this will give me a cool look at music history and i can hear how music evolved overtime and when these changes happened.
  3. I am using the 2008 edition of the list. There are a few editions of this list, which has been revised over time to include newer albums. I stumbled upon the 2008 version first and only realized there was a 2015 one after I finished making the playlists (oops), so unfortunately David Bowie’s last album will not be there (boo hoo I know). So if you ever stumble on a list and are wondering why certain albums were missed out or not there, it’s because I’m using the 2008 version. However, once I am done, there is a possibility that I will go about listening to all the albums that are found on other versions of the list, but we will see my state of mind once I get there.
  4. These will NOT be reviews. I am not reviewing the albums (mainly because I am not a musical expert), I will instead be chronicling my journey of doing this challenge, which means I might possibly write about anything and won’t know what that is until I sit down and write it. Obviously I will be talking about the album as it is the center of attention, but do not expect me to break it down and analyze it in depth both musically and lyrically, which could happen if it’s an album I am more familiar with. My goal here is to write of the experience and not review the albums.
  5. Going off that last point I want to make it clear that throughout this I will be expressing my opinions and point of view and I never claim that my opinion is the right one or is better than anyone’s or is law. It’s merely my opinion and how I see things, if you disagree, then great, that means you are your own individual who has made their own opinion about something and that is fucking great. that being said, because I know there are some people out there who have a hard time grasping the idea that someone (heaven forbid) has a different opinion than they do, so on albums where I do not share the mass’ opinion and know my opinion differs greatly, I will include an UNPOPULAR OPINION WARNING just for you guys, because I love you so much. Be warned, it’ll happen on your precious (spoiler alert) Beatles and Led Zeppelin (GASP!!!!).
  6. I will do my best to have a post for each album, meaning each album will be represented by its own individual post (necessary redundancy? you be the judge). However, it might occur, due to various circumstances, that I might put more than one album on one post. That’s the way it is and if it disturbs you, tough shit.
  7. finally, what’s my end goal with this? simply, I love music and want to expand my knowledge of it by learning of new bands and listening to albums I’ve never heard before in genres I rarely listen to (looking at you country music). I also wanted to share my experience to any one who would want to listen and instead of constantly retelling my story, it’s all written here, making it much easier for me to journal my thoughts, so I won’t have to fill up my memory bank too much.

So there you have it!

if for whatever reason you have any other questions (honestly why) feel free to ask me, I will answer, most probably.

Here is to my long awaited journey that I am more than excited to start, hope you stay with me throughout!

Stay Tuned!

(HAHAHAHAHA get it? stay tuned? music… tuned in to listening, like a radio, hahahahahahahahahahahah)



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