Marathon Man: 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die

So, it’s finally happening…

what you may ask?

I will try to explain this briefly and simply, but that might not be the easiest task.

Earlier this year, while I was working a desk job and losing my mind a little, I had the great idea that I would expand my music knowledge by listening to as much music as possible. What started off as choosing a band and listening to their entire discography and then looking for obscure New Wave bands to possibly add to my collection, soon became something much bigger than I ever anticipated.

While doing a google search, I stumbled upon the list of all the bands found in the book: 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die.

Now, I am not new to this book, entering book stores I used to love reading through it to discover new bands or see if my favorite albums or bands made it into the book and see what they had to say about it (My favorite band did indeed make it in). As I sat at my desk, the fluorescent lamps creating yet another moment of fatigue and painful throbbing deep inside my head, I think I finally snapped and went insane because at that moment I made the decision that I, Jonathan Bosco, will listen to every album on this list.




(whoops swearing, excuse me)

That’s 1001 albums… why did I make the conscious decision to put myself through this is beyond even myself. Maybe I love the torture, maybe I just really love music, maybe I’m looking for purpose in my life, maybe I just have nothing better to do, who knows?

what I do know is that I’m doing it. I’ve set my mind to it and will be getting it done, from the first album all the way to the 1001st album, I will listen to every single one, no skipping and no excuses to stop.

At first, it was simple, I’ll just listen to the ones I haven’t listened to yet and since I love the 80s, I will start there! As I made my way through ten albums I asked myself: There must be a better way of doing this… and that’s where this blog came into action. I figured, since I’m doing this I might as well share with the world my process and journey of listening to way more music than one person should listen to.

So it began… first problem: How the fuck do i get all these fucking albums???

it’s important to note that if you want to listen to an album, you must have access to it, it only makes sense.

Downloading was an option, but there’s no way i was going to sit through downloading every single one of these albums.

Youtube was an option, but that would be a humongous waste of data on my phone. No thank you. (Plus that would be a fantastic way of draining my battery).

what was I to do?

thankfully, one faithful evening, (or day… afternoon? who gives a shit, seriously), a friend of mine opened my eyes to the wonders that is Spotify Premium. Now, Spotify was an option at first as it had basically every single album on it’s database, but once again the only times I had access to Spotify would be on my computer or at home, I would go through this list like a snail, not what I wanted. But then Spotify Premium came along and I discovered I can actually download my playlists to listen to them offline! This was it, this was what I was going to use.

A month later, I finally completed these playlists and I am ready to go!

So here it is, playlists ready for each decade, done legally since I’m paying monthly for premium, and me, mentally ready to set out on a journey and adventure of solid music listening that will open my mind to all genres and different types of music I never thought I might enjoy. It will be a journey filled with laughs, dancing, tears, sing-a-longs, and by the end I might come out a better person than I am today… or I might lose it and go insane, both options work for me.

Stay Tuned for the beginning!


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