This is the post excerpt.


That’s a great question… what now, indeed.

well, I have finally broke down and decided I too should get myself a blog and fill it with posts. what kind of posts shall I be making? that’s also a good question.

I will take the opportunity of this first post to detail exactly what I plan to do with this Blog, but not in too much detail so you don’t get bored.

I will be working with various ideas:

  1. marathons (where I torture myself by marathoning… something and keep people up to date with how it’s going).
  2. Mental Awareness (I will be talking about mental health, what exactly is a surprise, but you will soon see).
  3. films (As always, film is one of my biggest passions and I will definitely be talking about various aspects of films).

So, that’s the basic gist of my whole blog. Nothing really more to it until the ball gets rolling.

My first attempts at blogging will be under the name Marathon Man, where I will begin my blogging adventures with one hell of a challenge:

Listen to every album on the 1001 albums to listen to before you die list, which will take me a helluva long ass time.


Stay tuned for the first entry.



this picture was here when i opened it and i am too lazy to change it, so enjoy the view while you can, it might get a little dark from here on out.


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